Who we are?

Then to Now

We started our journey in 2014 as a small, invite-only community on Facebook. Sharing food experiences, getting recommendations on what to order, recipes, reviews – in a nutshell, all things Food.
But the hunger was insatiable and our love for food, limitless.
Fast forward to 2017 - we are millions strong, made our way into technology, curated novel experiences for our patrons, promoted and worked with some of the biggest brands and now we also have our very own exclusive dining privilege.

It really has been quite a ride.

The Team

We are a small bunch of 14 passionate individuals who believe that food makes the world go round .
Allow us to introduce ourselves.

Shuchir Suri
Founder, CEO

A.k.a. Mr. Food Talk and serial entrepreneur. Backed with years spent in marketing, strategy and product development, Shuchir is our resident visionary and growth hacker. A technophile and social media junkie, he can be found mixing up the best cocktails as meticulously as he organises his work.He is the glue that binds the team together.

Anjali Batra
Founder, CMO

A.k.a. Miss Food Talk. The creative half of the team, nobody knows and talks food like her. A plate full of marketing knowledge and PR, served with a generous side of consumer behaviour understanding, Anjali is responsible for curating all those Food Talk experiences. Her love for strategy and disruptive marketing is second only to her love for Gin.


We’re making quite the

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