Food Talk Experiences

Immersive Dining & Cocktail Events

Seeking a culinary adventure? Look no further.

Shaking up the traditional food & drink space with one-of- a-kind curated experiences - Food Talk events are a melting pot of flavors, cocktails, great company and of course, creativity.

From blindfolded meals to cocktails and conversations; from discovering new cuisines to culinary travels - we are curators of the most wonderful gastronomic expeditions in the country.

Indulge in enticing conversations, gluttony and good times by all.
Book a spot and you’ll know it’s not just a great meal - it’s SO much more.

Immersive dining experiences

Think you have seen everything your city’s gastronomic scene has to offer? Think again!

We believe that eating is a multi-sensory experience and immersive dining experiences have been designed to do exactly that.

Whether you’re a thrill seeker, experimental eater or just looking for a unique meal, these are for you.

Handcrafted cocktail experiences

We take our cocktails as seriously as our food, if not more.
Indulge in revelry hosted at a bespoke venue each time, our cocktail experiences are handcrafted, shaken and stirred with style.

 Fasten your seatbelts as we take you through unique, engaging experiences designed to enhance taste perception and flavours.

Unique nightlife experiences

Far from the usual and ordinary, step into one of our unique nightlife experiences with a door policy of invite-only.

What to expect? Non-traditional themes, off-the- grid locations , eclectic beats, fabulous drinks and company.

Culinary Travel Experiences

Experience a city and its vast culinary landscape, the Food Talk way.
There’s nothing we love more than food and travel, and nothing makes us happier than bringing the two together.

We choose an interesting destination to explore and create an unforgettable culinary experience around it. Expect an itinerary that is sure to excite the traveller and food enthusiast in you.

Bespoke Corporate Experiences

We work with discerning clients seeking an exceptional, tailor-made experience to suit every need.
Infusing creativity and attention to detail, our corporate gastronomic experiences are engaging and out- of-the- box.

Whether you’re looking at team building activities or mixology workshops, we’ll come on board and curate experiences that are original and exciting extensions of your brand.

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